Custom clothing is your answer to the perfect fit!

Are you tired of  every brand in every store just not fitting well?  Want to take the next step and have a garment made specifically for your body type?  Deciding on the best fabrics, colors and styles can be both intimidating and overwhelming and this is where SDM comes in.

We will:

  • Introduce you to the Balani custom experience by explaining the process and helping you choose the best fabrics, colors and silhouettes that work with your personal style, body type and budget.
  • Take multiple measurements at your home or office, to ensure that you end up with the best looking and fitting garment without the high pressure sales pitch and confusion associated with picking designs and styles.
  • Discounts available for your first suit or multiple suit and shirt combinations.
  • Time: Approximately 1-2 hours

Cost: $150-$300* Custom clothing is the ultimate fit of a garment and it is not limited to only business attire.  Custom clothing can also include more casual clothing such as cotton pants and sweaters.

Custom clothing assistance

 Take your look to the next level by letting Jennifer help you design everything from the lapel style, pockets, interior lining, thread color and buttons, on your next custom sport coat or suit.  As a wardrobe consultant, Jennifer has the knowledge of how a garment should be constructed and a background in design to help you choose patterns and colors to best compliment your body type, skin color as well as your personal style.

Our personal shoppers will help you create your new look in every aspect of the apparel industry, so what are you waiting for?  Make an appointment today to start having others notice you for all the right reasons!


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