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As a dating stylist, my goal is to help you attract more women by looking your best!

You have 7 seconds to make a great first impression.  Having the right outfits for any occasion, will make you feel confident and attractive.

Hire me and I will:

Dating stylist for men

Get started with a $60 virtual style consultation.

Dating outfits for men
Dating outfits for men
top 5 bald men style tips

No 6 Pack,
No Problem!

Whether you have a 6 pack or a whole keg, it doesn’t matter because how your dress will make all the difference in attracting women.  Most men don’t know what clothing looks best on them.  But with thoughtful insight and feedback on your outfits, I can help you can gain more confidence in knowing what clothes are age appropriate and highlight your personal style, as well as your body type.

Casual Dating Outfit for men

Read Some of My 5 Star Reviews

5- Star reviews

“I hired Jennifer to help me because I had my eye on a co-worker.  I not only got her attention, I ended up marrying her! Thanks for all your help.”

-Kurt B.

“Gentlemen, If you feel that no clothes fit your body, if you are sick of trying on shirt after shirt, if you are sick of settling on clothes only to get rid of them after 2 wears– there’s hope.  You need to stop what you are doing and call Jennifer now.  Jennifer knows what she is doing.”

-Brian M.

“Meeting up with Jennifer was is one of the best decisions I made.”

-Kalid M

“Cause every girl crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man” -ZZ Top